Ran Into Garage

Ran Into Garage Fixed

We all know what it is like living in Minnesota during the winter time; it gets colder, the snow flies, and the roads and driveways ice over. When the driving conditions get icy in the winter time accidents do happen, including the chance that you may run in to your own Garage Door due to slippery conditions. In some cases we may be able to repair the damaged sections and get them working properly again but if the damage is too severe you may need to have your door completely replaced. In Woodbury, MN we had this very instance occur where the customer had ice on their driveway and slid right in to the door. It was a townhouse community with housing association rules that required this Garage Door to be fully replaced. Rise & Shine Garage Doors was able to come out and assess the damage and provide a replacement within 24 hours of the initial contact.

Examples of Garage Door Replacement Needs

There are many reasons that you may want to have your Garage Door fully replaced other than damage. You may want to change the color or design, perhaps add a wood overlay, or even add some windows for more natural light. We also have different types of insulation available and thickness of the insulation with a sandwiched steel design to increase the R-value. Our customers can even add decorative hinges or handles on the outside of the door to make it almost appear as though your Garage Door is an old fashioned carriage style door. Whatever style of design, color, or insulation you may be looking for our experienced technicians will be able to provide many different options for you to choose from.

Quality Guaranteed

At Rise & Shine Garage Doors we will provide nothing but a quality Garage Door replacement for your home. We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your new door and will go out of our way to make sure you are happy. All of our doors are installed with a parts and labor warranty so you have peace of mind that if anything does happen with your new Garage Door we will be there to help. Take a minute to look at our Reviews Page to see what other customers are saying. Call today and have a new door tomorrow!